An attestation explorer for Optimism focusing on attestations that are relevant for the OP Citizens eligibility process.
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What Are Attestations?

Attestations are digital signatures on a structured piece of information. They play a critical role whenever you need to prove or verify something. EAS enables anyone to make attestations onchain or offchain about anything, fostering a more trustful and transparent world.

What is EAS?

Ethereum Attestation Service (EAS) is a public infrastructure for making attestations either onchain or offchain. It serves as a standard and base layer where any entity can make attestations about anything, providing a decentralized ledger for attestations.

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Why Trust Matters

In a world filled with both genuine and deceptive information, trust is crucial. EAS aims to provide a common way to trust the authenticity of information and the safety of interactions, both online and onchain.


The determination of citizenship distribution will eventually be the responsibility of Optimism’s two-house governance system and will be issued based on the reputation that Optimism Collective members have earned. – Jonas


As part of the Praise on OP project, we will build an OP branded attestation explorer to showcase the attestations that have been created based on Praise data as well as other relevant attestations. This will be a simplified version of, showing only what is relevant to OP in the context of the future OP citizenship selection. – Kristofer